Isaac Tait


Greetings and salutations! Welcome to my portfolio, a venue for my web based creations. I am glad you are here.

My journey to becoming a web developer started on March 12, 2019 when I kicked off my first web development course on Codecademy. What prompted this sudden course change in my career goals?

Well on January 1, 2017 my son Tadashi was born in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. On September 1, 2017 my wife and I legally became his parents. As he grew older I realized that the day was approaching when he would go off to school and my full-time responsibilities as a stay-at-home dad would come to an end, and that I would need to find a job.

When I first learned to ski I lamented the fact that I had not discovered skiing sooner in life. A similar feeling of lost time overcame me when I began learning web development. As I write this it is now over four years later and I am still coding, still learning, and daily pursuing my love of code as I make up for lost time.

Since my journey as a web developer began I have had a lot of fun building some cool apps (IMHO) and created some fun projects. This website is a venue for those endeavors. So, stay for a while, poke around a bit, or follow me on social media to keep abreast of my future projects and upward trajectory. Cheers!